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Cam Caddie AA Battery Pack Converter for SONY NP-F Series Monitors and LED Lights

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AA Battery Pack Converter for Sony NP-F Style Batteries

  • Converts six AA batteries to Sony NP-F series battery pack
  • Compatible with C7 Monitor and LED-160 Power equivalent to: NP-F970 to F550
  • This battery pack uses six standard AA batteries and converts them to a Sony NP-F battery pack. The AA battery pack is equivalent to a Sony NP-F 550 – 970 rechargeable
  • Powers field Monitor, LED light, or any Sony NP-F series device. 
  • Excellent emergency backup or main battery.

The Accessory Shoe is used to mount microphones, LED lights or any other device you need for your next shoot. Our unique design allows the Accessory Shoe to be used in a variety of ways. It can be used individually to mount a microphone or LED light, or it can be combined with an Accessory Wing to mount multiple items. The rotatable shoe plate ensures you can quickly switch setups and configure your gear exactly how you like. It is constructed from a composite thermoplastic and 6061 aluminium alloy.



(1) AA Battery Pack NP-F Series Dimensions: 3” x 3” x 2”
Weight: 4 OZ / 114 GM


Converts six AA batteries to Sony NP-F series battery pack.


6 AA Batteries are equivalent to the SONY NP-F970 / F550 Rechargeable Battery Pack.


AA Batteries are always available as an emergency backup.