Which Flashner Kit is Right for Me?

If you've landed here, you may be asking "Which Flashner Kit should I choose to mount my 

accessories?". Don’t worry, we’ll have this explained in a Flash! Let's start with the basics.

Which Accessory Mount Does Your Camera Have?

Traditional Flash Shoe Mount

Mounts via the camera Flash Shoe found on most 

DSLR and Mirrorless Style Cameras.

¼”-20 Thread Socket Mount

Mounts via the ¼”-20 Threaded Socket found on 

many Professional Video Cameras and Mirrorless 

Style Cameras.

How Many Accessories Do You Use?

Let’s See How It All Comes Together.

Which Size is Right for Me?

This all comes down to personal preference and which combination of accessories you need to use. We 

find it best to keep a short and long length on hand to tackle any situation that comes your way.

Photography Applications

Videography Applications

Standard Flash Shoe Design

The Flashners are based on the Standard Flash 

Shoe Design. So, its compatible with All of your 

favorite accessories.

Double Sided Mount

Mount Accessories to the Top and Bottom of the 

Flashtrak™ to maximize mounting options.

Combine Flashner Kits to Create Quick and Simple Setups

Don’t Leave Home Without it!

You Should Always Have a Flashner Kit in Your Camera Bag.

What Else Makes the FLAHNER KIT Great? 

Short Answer: 


Long Answer: 

In addition to our thoughtful engineering, high-quality materials, precision crafted parts and rigorous attention to detail, there is our awesome community of creatives and story tellers who constantly discover new ways to use CAM CADDIE products to Capture the Action! ™

Top Ten Reasons to get a FLASHNER KIT 

1. Easily Mount Multiple Accessories. 

2. Flash Shoe Footprint works with accessories you already own.  

3. Double Sided Designs Increases Mounting Options. 

4. Quick Release attachment for fast Setup and Breakdown. 

5. Combine Multiple Flashner Kits to create additional mounting options.

6. Perfect for Photographers and Videographers. 

7. Completely Adjustable for Quick Balanced setup. 

8. Built Tough from 6061 Aluminum and Hard Anodized Flat Black. 

9. Available in five sizes: 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16-inch lengths.  

10. Made in the USA.

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