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Cam Caddie was founded in 2004 by Daniel McElderry. Daniel, an avid skateboard and snowboard videographer, desired to produce high quality images on a budget. This led him to start Cam Caddie: a company committed to developing and bringing cinema-quality accessories to market at affordable prices.


Cam Caddie designs and manufactures a high quality line of camera accessories for just about anybody. Whether you’re a parent looking to improve your home movies, or a working professional shooting a big budget movie!Our flagship product is the award-winning Cam Caddie Scorpion camera stabilizer and DSLR support rig. The Scorpion allows you to mount virtually any camera. It doesn’t matter if you have a DSLR, Mini DV, GoPro Hero, or even an iPhone. The Scorpion can handle them all! We have subsequently released the Fovea Lens System©, Flashner© Mounting System and other high quality, low cost cinema accessories.Cam Caddies ability to quickly adapt enabled us to offer the world's first Handheld Support rig for DSLR Cameras such as the Canon 5D MKII and Canon 7D. Cam Caddie continues to develop products to meet the ever changing needs of today's ultra mobile, budget-conscious filmmakers.Cam Caddie has offices in, and Glendale, California and our products are distributed worldwide.Cam Caddie Products are designed, engineered, and assembled in the USA.

Film will only become art
when it's materials are as inexpensive
as pencil and paper


The story of how the Cam Caddie came into existence is rather innovative, and describes the core values of our company. Daniel McElderry, an adventurous thrill seeker from Southern California, much like the locals was fond of skateboarding, riding BMX, & Snowboarding & also liked filming such extreme sports. What started from smaller consumer grade video cameras, soon after transformed into a passion & escalated towards HD Quality videos & professional camera equipment. The difficulty & risk attributed to the lack of proper mounting equipment were the propelling force that begun driving Daniel towards revolutionizing the video & camera equipment industry while keeping quality & budget in mind.

The second version of the improvised camera handle, still in its early development stages, came soon after. Testing the first version of what will come to be later known as the Cam Caddie Scorpion & putting it through different terrains & activities (such as snowboarding, BMX riding, and skateboarding) yielded an undeniable requirement – the need for strength. That was achieved through the use of thicker aluminum, & a pad – for stability control.

Following the improvements from the second version, Daniel experienced difficulties mounting heavier gauged equipment. It was at that moment Daniel realized he could not only utilize this mount towards his passion, but he could also help others in this field as fellow hobbyists & professionals by improving their experience with camera equipment. Since heavier & more expensive equipment could depend on the Cam Caddie Scorpion, the legs were added, as well as a wider pad. These additions improved stability when on the ground & while on the move.

The final & current Cam Caddie product, as you know it today was then manufactured with the final esthetics & a durable finish in different colors. The final product, also includes an accessory shoe at the top of the mount, allowing for different additional equipment, such as flash, screens, microphones & more to be mounted along with the camera. The Cam Caddie Scorpion as we know it today, also has support for different sized cameras with multiple positioning options.