Cam Caddie Scorpion EX Camera Stabilizer Shoulder Support Kit

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Shoulder Support Rig with Handheld and Tripod Mountable Configurations

  • BONUS Accessory Shoe Included for a total of 2 AC Shoes.
  • Shoulder support and Handheld Stabilizer for DSLR, Mirrorless, Smartphone, and POV-style cameras
  • Instantly go from tripod, to handheld, to a Shoulder Support
  • Reduce fatigue on long shoots by supporting your camera gear on your shoulder
  • Eliminate camera shake and vibration from handheld shots
  • Works with virtually all DSLR/Mirrorless cameras and video cameras Adjustable to fit small and large-framed people

The Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit includes everything you need to start building the most versatile shoulder mount and handheld stabilizer available. The kit includes (1) Shoulder Support, (1) Scorpion EX (1) Accessory Shoe and (1) Cheese Plate Tripod Mount. Perfect for the filmmaker shooting for extended periods of time with a DSLR, Mirrorless camera, or video camera. The Shoulder Support and Scorpion EX are designed to work together allowing the camera operator to instantly switch from handheld, to a tripod, to a Shoulder Support. This is a must have for documentary filmmakers, wedding videographers and journalist. The flexible design allows you to fully customize your camera rig to fit your specific needs. Mount accessories like LED lights, field monitors, microphones, field recorders and more.



(1) Scorpion EX
(1) Scorpion EX Shoulder Support
(1) Cheese Plate / Tripod Mount
(1) Extension Plate
(1) Riser Plate
(1) Shoulder Strap
Construction: Composite thermoplastic and Soft NBR Foam
Load Capacity: 13 LB (6 kg)
Mounting Screw: 1/4"-20
Open Dimensions: L 19” x W 4.75” x H 22”
Closed Dimensions: L 15” x W 4.75” x H 6”
Weight: 3 LB (1.35 kg)


The Scorpion EX & Shoulder Support can always work together, or they can work independently of one another. Mount a DSLR to the Scorpion EX and get Handheld or Tripod shots. Then mount a second camera to the Shoulder Support for those long shots where shooting on a Tripod is not an option. The Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit also includes a Cheese Plate / Tripod Mount and Accessory Shoe, expanding it's versatility.


Includes heavy duty hands free camera strap to keep everything safe and secure. Uses a Quick Release Snap for quick removal. The included Camera Extension Plate allows you to customize the cameras position for optimal comfort and performance. The included Camera elevator allows you to customize the cameras position for optimal comfort and performance. The Cushioned Shoulder and Chest Pads add another dimension of comfort, specially designed for long shoots.


The Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit’s universal design works with virtually any camera, whether it’s a: DSLR, Video Camera, or Point & Shoot. You can even use it with a Smartphone, iPhone, or the GoPro Hero Action Camera.


Reduce fatigue on long shoots by supporting your heavy camera gear on your shoulder.


The Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit displaces the weight of your gear by separating your hand from directly holding the camera body. When holding the Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit and not the camera, motion and movement is naturally dampened. The Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit can facilitate moves that look like a professional camera stabilizer or jib arm.


Easily connect the Scorpion EX Shoulder Support Kit to your favourite Tripod with the Cheese Plate / Tripod Mount (Included*).


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    Robert s.
    United States United States
    To small for my camera

    I like it ok. my canon 1DC doesnt fit in it very well but I can use another cam with it. it was missing a piece too.